At Your Side Home Care (The Woodlands, Texas)



“They are friendly people, and they know how to treat you.”


“He couldn't do without them. I couldn't either because I can't do everything for him. They help with mobility.”


“They relay information back to us about the care that is given and how she is doing. They show her compassion.”


“They are respectful when they call. They always meet her needs.”


“They have always sent a caretaker. They have never had a problem with getting a caretaker to me.”


“Tamara and her team were great in understanding the dynamics between my mom and her caregivers. A compassionate, dedicated and devoted team was created and wonderful care was given to my mom the past few years. Tamara worked tirelessly to achieve this and I think of many of my mom's caregivers as friends of mine. Happy to answer any questions anyone might have. Thanks again to everyone at At Your Side!”  


“Extremely friendly and caring, was able to help my mother remain in her home. Tamara and her caregivers did an excellent job of assisting her in her daily activities and there thoughtfulness truly shows on a daily basis.”

A. Berg

I liked their flexibility depending on the needs of the day. They were able to jump in really quickly and help out right away.

P. Yates

They are very professional, reliable, and I do not have any issues with their insurance or billing. When I am away, they keep watch over my loved one. I do not worry anymore.


We're using At Your Side Home Care. So far, so good. The caregivers are excellent and the scheduling is perfect. I spoke to Heather and I liked her very much. I would highly recommend them. The caregiver gives him a bath, helps him with use the bathroom, feeds him, cleans him, and does anything that's required.

M. Stokes

They seem to bond well with my mother. They were very conscientious and my mother felt very comfortable with them. They allowed me to do other things so I didn't have to spend 100% of my time with her.

A. May

I liked the people. I am up and walking now, so they were completely helping me.

T. Hunter

They're very good. I finally wound up with a caregiver who really knows their job and is really helpful. I've had almost two dozen caregivers since I started.

P. Guerra

They sent us good people. They explained the care well to us.

P. Ellis

I love dealing with the owner of the agency. I feel like I can get ahold of her, and she is true to her word. They provide morning care like showering her, getting her dressed, and getting her to the toilet. They assist her with all activities of daily living.

P. Wireman

If I knew anybody that needed assistance, I'd tell them to check out this agency. My grandma seems to love them, so they must be doing something right! I like just knowing that somebody is there to help her out. I know that the help she's receiving has done a lot of wonders for her.

M. Riley

She is a marvelous and an attentive person who does great in caring for me. She is just there when I need her and has everything ready for me when I need it..

R. Stevens

I'm so very pleased with At Your Side! All the care-givers are clean, courteous, quiet and efficient! They will do ANYTHING I ask of them and never complain. They exhibit genuine concern for me--and my dog! They listen courteously when I lecture or preach--a very important attribute when dealing with elderly clients!!!! They're all well-groomed, never complain, and they are so respectful. I absolutely couldn't ask for any more accommodating or willing-to-work help if I were to shop around for another company!

T. Ashton

A wonderful, professional and caring company! I have only been working with the company for few weeks in regards to care for my mother but everyone has been great! They quickly found a quality caregiver who my mom loves. Not only do they offer care, but also offer tips and guidance to help with my mom's wellbeing. I definitely would recommend.

Whether your loved one needs assistance only a few hours a week or around-the-clock, our team is happy to help! Call (281) 719-5221 to learn more about the transition care services offered through At Your Side Home Care (The Woodlands, Texas).

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