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Meet the Team

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At Your Side Home Care knows in order to provide the best care services possible to those in The Woodlands area, we must hire quality individuals to be a part of our team. Our personalized approach to care is what sets us apart from other home care agencies in the area. In order to develop strong, trusting relationships between clients and caregivers, we carefully match clients with caregivers whose interests, life experiences and personalities complement their own. Before we ever select caregivers, we meet with clients and take note of their personality and speak with them about their life history. This helps us select the most compatible caregiver for each client we work with.

Elite Caregivers and Hiring Process

Each of our professional caregivers is experienced and highly trained in home care best practices. We also ensure they meet a rigorous 10-step hiring process. All caregivers are provided with continuous education to ensure the most up-to-date care techniques are used when caring for our clients.

Management and Engagement and Quality Assurance Measures

At Your Side is committed to providing outstanding customer service. Our Superior Process includes supervisory visits and constant communication to ensure your satisfaction. 

Each of our team members is passionate about providing the best care possible to the clients we work with. We are happy to call each of these individuals members of our team in The Woodlands area. 

Erica Serrano

Client Care & Marketing Coordinator

Meet the Team - The Woodlands, Texas | At Your Side - Erica

As our Client Care and Marketing Coordinator, Erica plays an essential dual role on our team. She communicates and collaborates with new clients and their families to enhance their experience and ensure quality care. She also oversees At Your Side’s online presence and organizes meaningful events to bring our community closer. Her personal experience with dementia and elder care in her own family drives her devotion to all of our clients and their families. When Erica is not working with new clients she loves spending time with her family or being out and about in our wonderful community. Erica loves the families we are able to work with and is passionate about providing them with the individualized care and support their loved ones deserve.

Andrea Jones

Director of Staffing

Meet the Team - The Woodlands, Texas | At Your Side - Andrea

As the Director of Staffing for At Your Side, Andrea leads our awesome team in providing all aspects of caregiving including training, staffing, and meeting our clients’ needs. Andrea is a seasoned CNA and is a firm believer in compassionate caregiving. She brings to AYS over 20 years of customer service experience, with 14 of those years being in the Healthcare industry. Andrea helps our clients establish lasting relationships with their caregivers by arranging care with staff members that complement both the needs and personality of the client.

Brenda Rodriguez

Director of Recruiting & Training

Meet the Team - The Woodlands, Texas | At Your Side - Brenda

Brenda has been with At Your Side since 2019. Brenda became a CNA in her teens and has served local seniors ever since. Her passion for nurturing and training others is unparalleled. Brenda has a knack for making every applicant, employee, and client who walks in our door feel welcome and valued. In her spare time, Brenda enjoys dancing, cooking, outdoor activities, and spending time with her family and pets. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, Brenda loves the chance to get away from her desk and spend quality time supporting our mission of assisting clients in living their best lives possible.

Carmen Montoya

Field Supervisor

Meet the Team - The Woodlands, Texas | At Your Side - Carmen

Carmen has been serving local seniors with At Your Side since 2014. Carmen is an experienced CNA with a passion for coordinating and providing quality, efficient service to our clients. Carmen's primary role is on-site Manager at The Conservatory at Alden Bridge but thanks to her strong leadership skills, she also oversees employees in other senior living spaces and often assists the main office team as well. When she's not coordinating care for At Your Side clients, Carmen enjoys spending time with and caring for her family and her friends. Carmen loves to have fun while serving others passionately and is a blessing to anyone she spends time with.

Birdie Sion

Team Manager at The Village

Meet the Team - The Woodlands, Texas | At Your Side - Birdie

Birdie is a seasoned CNA who has been serving local seniors for decades. Birdie's passion for helping and taking care of others started as a child and was nurtured by her mother who was a nurse. Growing up, Birdie was blessed to visit patients with her mother who taught her compassion, patience, and the communication skills necessary to work with others. When Birdie is not caring for those in need, she enjoys spending time with her family, riding and tending to her horses, and riding her motorcycle, which she calls her iron horse. Birdie's immense compassion and high energy for serving others is intoxicating and anyone lucky enough to spend time with Birdie always looks forward to her next visit.

Roselyn Dalman

Payroll Supervisor

Roselyn is a payroll and finance administrative professional with many years of progressive experience. Roselyn has a background in accounting, math, and education. Throughout her career, she's held various finance roles and has extensive experience with customer support and customer account maintenance. Roselyn is an empathic person with a soft heart toward caregiving and serving others. She loves her role with At Your Side and believes in giving back and making an impact on society in meaningful ways.

Gabby Valdez

Staffing Manager & Fill-In Caregiver

Meet the Team - The Woodlands, Texas | At Your Side - Gabby

Gabby is a valuable At Your Side manager who’s role includes assisting with scheduling, client care coordination, and filling in on caregiving shifts so that our clients do not have to experience a missed visit when their scheduled caregiver has an emergency and cannot make it to a shift. Gabby serves passionately and consistently provides quality care to our clients. When working on scheduling, Gabby takes pride in aligning clients with a right fit caregiver. When she’s not serving others with At Your Side, Gabby enjoys spending time with and nurturing her family. Gabby’s passion for service enables her to enrich the lives of every client and family she spends time with.

Rachel Finnorn

Team Manager at Watermere

Meet the Team - The Woodlands, Texas | At Your Side - Rachel

Rachel brings many years of experience into her role and culture of At Your Side. She believes in the quality of care, core values, and integrity that the company embodies. Rachel has cared for her father who has Parkinson’s disease and understands the concept of “caring for our clients as if they were our loved ones.” As a result of her personal experience, Rachel strives to be a valuable resource for families as they navigate through the ever changing challenges that healthcare brings in caring for their loved ones. When Rachel is not working, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and volunteering at local animal shelters. Rachel's dedication to serving others makes her a blessing to every client and family she helps.

Whether your loved one needs assistance only a few hours a week or around-the-clock, our team is happy to help! Call (281) 719-5221 to learn more about the transition care services offered through At Your Side Home Care (The Woodlands, Texas).

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