Meet the Owners
At Your Side Home Care (The Woodlands, Texas)

Meet the Owners

Meet the Owners - The Woodlands, Texas | At Your Side - the_franks

Tamara and Shawn Franks

Proud Texans, Parents, Passionate Senior Advocates

“We want to help people live their best lives.”

Why We Opened an At Your Side Location

In the words of Tamara and Shawn Franks:

"Our core passion is helping people. We are intimately familiar with some of the challenges that come with aging family members and have firsthand experience caring for a loved one. As Shawn’s father began to age, his mother was the primary caregiver. Shawn did what he could to help, but recognized his father – and mother – would have benefited from high-quality, compassionate care. It was an impactful experience that led us here.

"We are dedicated to helping our clients live their best lives through our services. From caregivers to clients, we think of everyone as our family and treat them as such. There is no greater joy than helping people solve problems through compassion, integrity and kindness."

Meet the Owners - The Woodlands, Texas | At Your Side - image-resources-fallWhy We Are Different

When asked what makes them different from other home care agencies, Tamara Franks did not hesitate. "The commitment our caregivers have to our clients is absolutely unmatched. We know that if a client needs something last minute, our caregivers will be there. During Hurricane Harvey, we saw caregivers sleeping on palette boards or on the floor because they wanted to be there for their clients. Our team is up to the challenge, at all times, and we are proud to do it."

Roots in their Community

Tamara and Shawn Franks have raised their children the The Woodlands, and Tamara grew up here, too. To say they are committed to their community is an understatement. Community involvement and volunteering is a way of life for the Franks family.  Besides being tireless advocates for seniors, the Franks family volunteer their time working with Meals on Wheels.

This spirit lives among their team members, too. Recent Home Care Pulse survey results showed that their team rated low in the area of employee turnover, and high for employee satisfaction!

Tamara’s Credentials

  • Master’s in Communication Disorders from the University of Houston
  • Bachelor’s in Communication Disorders with minor in Psychology from the University of Houston

Shawn’s Credentials

  • Former U.S. Marine
  • Successful entrepreneur who has built and grown multiple services companies

Whether your loved one needs assistance only a few hours a week or around-the-clock, our team is happy to help! Call (281) 719-5221 to learn more about the transition care services offered through At Your Side Home Care (The Woodlands, Texas).

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