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Holiday Cheer with Clients


The holidays can be a lonely time for clients, especially with COVID-19 still rampant around us. Even without a global pandemic at hand, many clients have family who do not live nearby and are able to readily visit. COVID-19, has made family visits even scarcer for some clients. With many different cultures and holidays to celebrate and observe during the next few months below are 12 ideas on how to bring holiday cheer to not only your clients, but also yourselves.


*Decorating the House- Your client may have decorations that they would like to have put up around their home. Bright lights and beautiful decorations not only bring cheer, they also spark memories of holidays in the past. This is a great opportunity to allow your client to reminisce and share their fond memories with you. Depending on your client’s physical condition you can encourage them to help with putting the decorations up. If your client does not have decorations, you could reach out to your local office for art supplies to try your hand at making some decorations with your client.

*Holiday Movie Night- Grab the extra blankets, microwave popcorn, and hot cocoa….sit back and enjoy the film together.

*Make a Family Recipe- Your client may have a favorite family meal or dessert recipe that reminds them of the Holidays. Serve as your client’s sous-chef for the day! Share with each other of what Holiday traditions you have celebrated with your families.

*Have a Cookie Decorating Competition- Making cookies together and having a light hearted competition with your client can make for a fun and delicious day!

*Bright Lights Tour- Pack a blanket and maybe some hot cocoa too! Drive around town looking for decorated homes. Vote on which house is your favorite! (Before taking your client out of the home make sure your client has permission to leave their home and your local office is aware of your plan).

*Become an “Elf” for a Day- If your client has cards to send out or presents to wrap for loved ones, offer to be their helper for the day! With COVID-19 your client may need to order gifts online versus taking a trip to the local mall. If your client enjoys crafts, offer to help make holiday cards with them.

*Help Facilitate Family Visits- With COVID-19, visits may need to be virtual or modified (maybe visiting through a window, client stays in the home while family stands outside). Keeping your client feeling connected to their family is important and our caregivers are remarkable for the ways they help keep clients and families in touch! (You will likely need to speak to the client and their family to help make these touch points occur)

*Holiday Crafting or Coloring- Pinterest is FULL of ideas and even free sample coloring pages. Adult coloring is known to relax us and anything that keeps us using our hand muscles helps us as we age!

*Make a Gingerbread House- Bring back those memories from childhood of trying to piece together graham crackers and icing. If you or your client has never made a gingerbread house before, make a fun memory together!

*Reindeer Games- Pull out those favorite board games or card games! Munch on those holiday cookies while you enjoy a day of competition!

*Fireside Story Time- Sit by the fireplace and enjoy sharing stories of holiday traditions. Hot tea or cocoa is always a great addition during these colder months.

*New Year’s Resolutions- Think and ponder about the year we have had (2020 has been one for the record books!). Share resolutions you have made in the past, which ones did you stick with, and which ones never made it past January!



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