Respite Home Care —
Considering Your Well-Being Too

Caring for an ailing or elderly family member can be a meaningful and rewarding experience, as you’ll share special moments with your friend or family member and really make a difference in their life. However, if you are doing it alone, it can also be an emotionally and physically demanding job. Let At Your Side Home Care help, so you’re at your best for yourself and your loved one.

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Fresh Perspective

You never know what the future may bring or what ailments may appear. Having so little control over the situation can cause a lot of stress. At Your Side caregivers can provide a fresh and professional perspective, letting you know if they spot changes in one’s condition or detect any other types of potential issues. Having a helping hand and another eye on the situation can help ease some of the pressure.

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Support When You Need It

Whether you need respite home care for just a few hours a week or every day, we can meet your needs. Even if you just want a caregiver to sit with your friend or family while you run errands worry-free, we can be there. If you are going on vacation or need a little time to rest, we can help make sure your special person has the help they need by making changes to scheduling when you are ready. Twenty-four-hour care is available as well for ones with greater needs.

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Local Support Groups

At Your Side can help you find groups of others who, like you, are dealing with caring for a family member. Sharing your story with others that are going through the same things can be refreshing. Other family caregivers may also have tips and advice to share that can help ease difficulties. You can check for support groups in your area on government sites such as Family Caregiver Alliance or benefit from suggestions from At Your Side caregivers that know about caregiver support groups in the area.

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Help With Home Care Tasks

To be at your best to care for someone else, you must first take care of yourself. In order to do this, you must share the workload. Your family member will be safe and comfortable at home with a At Your Side caregiver.

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  • "Patricia has been great with my 93 year old mother!"
    She's creative and just seems to know what my mother needs and wants. She's a great aid to me knowing doctors visits, prescription pick-up and grocery runs are all taken care of - big load off my mind and schedule.
  • "The owners and nurse are fantastic!"
    Always willing to take calls from my Mom and explain things in a way she and I can understand. Also walked us through the insurance process. That was not easy and their expertise was greatly appreciated.
  • "At Your Side has given me peace of mind!"
    The fact that At Your Side was able to step in with certified dementia care specialists and begin caring for my father has been fantastic. The staff and caregivers are both sympathetic and empathetic and I feel it has helped my father during this difficult time. It has also given me peace of mind since I live a long distance from my father, and the communication from staff and caregivers is reassuring.
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