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Connected Care: Freedom & Flexibility in Care

Connected Care, At Your Side Home Care’s remote patient monitoring service, helps older adults with diverse care needs live at home longer. We’re here for you with flexible telehealth options that provide continuous engagement, empowerment, and satisfaction. Learn, stay connected, and feel supported in times of need with Connected Care. Services vary by location.

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Connected Care:
Remote Patient Monitoring Services for Seniors

Connected Care, At Your Side Home Care’s remote patient monitoring (RPM) program, helps older adults live safely at home with ongoing and proactive support. Using various telehealth tools, we can provide ongoing, quality care even when our caregivers aren’t physically in the home. Detecting deteriorating conditions early on is a key factor in helping older adults maintain their independence and well-being at home. With this next-generation senior care service, our agency teams can be the best possible partners in care. Family caregivers can have peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are getting 24/7 care that empowers them to live at home longer.

*Services vary by location. Please contact your local At Your Side Home Care to see what services are available in your area.

Remote Patient Monitoring Services | At Your Side Home Care - fall-detect

Fall Detection

Our #1 care goal is to bring safety and stability to our clients’ homes. Some of the biggest safety concerns for older adults are fall risks, especially when they live alone. Connected Care helps reduce falls and increase response times when falls do occur, improving health outcomes.

At Your Side Home Care uses unintrusive remote patient monitoring devices that can detect falls without cameras or wearables. Instead, we place 4D-radar-enabled sensors in strategic places throughout the home that can detect when a person falls. If this happens, the device will send an automatic alert—and because it is always on, you know your loved one is always protected. This technology is your first line of defense against the potentially life-altering consequences of an unreported fall.

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Remote Patient Monitoring Services | At Your Side Home Care - well-mont

Wellness Monitoring

Aging at home safely means being proactive in care, and the earlier we can detect weakness or illness the better. With Connected Care wellness monitoring, our care teams can closely observe changes associated with aging. Using motion sensors, we can manage at-home safety, independence, and stability. This smart technology can even make sure that your loved one’s doors are locked at night.

Using high-tech but non-invasive sensor technology, we can gain valuable insights into your loved one’s normal day-to-day routine. By registering real-time activity, the system can alert caregivers and family members if any unusual behaviors occur, prompting a wellness check. With regular clinical data reviews, we can also make proactive adjustments to care as needs change and prevent further health declines.

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Remote Patient Monitoring Services | At Your Side Home Care - vit-calls

Daily Virtual Calls

As both a companion care service and a safety measure, daily video calls help your loved one stay connected and healthy. Your care professional will build a relationship with your family member while also checking in on their general health and wellness. They’ll coordinate the medical, personal care, household, and food items your loved one needs to thrive. And they’ll be a trusted person for your loved one to talk to, combatting loneliness and social isolation.

These calls are an additional layer of safety that allows us to make any necessary care interventions as early as possible. With daily conversations, your loved one’s caregiver can identify changes and address them proactively, promoting optimal wellness.

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Remote Patient Monitoring Services | At Your Side Home Care - chronic-management

Chronic Disease Management

At least 60% of older adults in the US live with two or more chronic conditions, according to the National Institutes of Health. These individuals are at a much higher risk of hospitalizations and other negative impacts on their quality of life. But with the right tools and proactive health management from Connected Care, managing these conditions in the comfort of home is possible.

If your loved one has a chronic disease, assisted living facilities are not the only option. Connected Care provides routine calls between visits to your loved one’s physician and monitors health with the help of Bluetooth telehealth devices like blood pressure monitors, weight scales, pulse oximeters, and tablets. Your caregiver will use these RPM devices to manage chronic conditions, track vital signs, and prevent diseases from progressing further.

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Many family caregivers want to honor their loved one’s preference to stay at home as they age. By bringing technology into daily use, older adults can retain their independence for as long as possible. As both a cost-effective care option and a way to optimize the home environment, Connected Care allows you to maximize your loved one’s well-being and fully embrace your family time together.

Connected Care Benefits

With continuous support from Connected Care, your loved one can safely age in place in familiar surroundings. The needs of older adults are dynamic, and our proactive, team approach enables us to attend to new changes as they arise. With remote patient monitoring tools, we can quickly respond to health alerts, coordinate any necessary follow-up care, and make strategic adjustments to safety and security in the home. Learn more about the benefits of Connected Care by contacting our team today!

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